Team Engagement Coaching

Team Engagement Coaching

Did You Know that 87% of workforces are disengaged?

This means employees are not doing their job, or being disruptive to the organisation.

Globally the average workforce looks like this:




These employees feel a connection to their workplace, the mission and will go above and beyond to achieve success.



A disengaged employee has checked out. They may be at work physically, but not mentally. They are not enthusiastic and do the bare minimum to get by.

Actively Disengaged


An employee in this category may undermine and act out against the company. They actively look to hamper productivity levels and employee morale.

A Disengaged Workforce will NOT Survive…

In fact, studies have shown that disengaged workforces:

  • Consistently underperform
  • Suffer from low productivity
  • Have high employee turnover
  • Have future leadership challenges
  • Are estimate to collectively cost organisations between US$450-$550 billion annually

An Engaged Workforce will Thrive…

On average, a fully engaged workforce has:

  • 22% higher profitability
  • 21% higher productivity
  • 10% higher customer engagement
  • put to 65% lower staff turnover
  • 37% lower absenteeism

Our Team Engagement Programmes will re-focus, re-engage and re-energize the most important asset to your business - Your People!

We do this by challenging the norm. We go beyond antiquated training and workshop programs. Our approach is the “Group Activation System” a 12-week, 12-step program that will improve employee engagement, performance, leadership and culture within an organization.

The Group Activation System Process

Our Team Engagement Programmes will re-focus, re-engage and re-energize the most important asset to your business - Your People!

Start by focusing on what matters

The group activation systems starts by focusing on three ares of your business; Systems, Behaviours and Culture.

Develop Engagement Keys

We then develop 12 “Engagement Keys” that are aligned to your focus areas and customised for every business and employee.

Tracking Accountability and transparency

Each engagement key is tracked and reported on, per employee, over the 12-week period creating a highly transparent and accountable environment.

What Makes Engage and Grow Unique?

This is not a workshop - it’s an action based programmes. There is nowhere to hide. All meetings are designed to captivate and entertain your key people, while strategically developing new habits and behaviours.

By the end of the 12-week programmes, together we will have:

Increased employee engagement.

By as much as 300%.

Improved productivity.

From top to bottom.

Increased profit.

Through more dedicated employees.

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