Who Are We?

MWC Associates Limited

If you are seeking to Grow Your Business, Develop the Leaders and Managers in your business and Improve the Communication and Productivity of your Team — then this is the place for you!

At MWC Associates Ltd. our purpose is to “Transform people’s lives and their businesses”. This includes Business Owners/Executives, their teams and the performance of their organisation!

Getting the RESULTS you want to achieve!

We Assist You by Doing Four Key Things When We Work With You

Gain Clarity / Alignment - we assist you in gaining clarity around your personal goals (your why) and aligning them with the Vision and Goals for your business. We then align your team with your new Business Vision and Goals.

Educate - Our team of certified business, leadership and team engagement coaches will educate you and your team in the following areas:

Business Growth

  • Goal Setting - Short and long-term
  • Marketing and Sales - Getting leads and turning them into customers
  • Unlocking the power of your financials to make informed business decisions
  • Developing Systems so the business can work without you in it
  • Team Building and Development

Leadership Development

  • Developing Influence as a Leader
  • Working through the Five Levels of Leadership
  • How to ask great questions in leading teams
  • Developing the Leader within each person
  • Understanding the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Team Engagement

  • Aligning around a Common Vision and Mission
  • Developing core behaviours
  • Improving Communication
  • Develop a personal development road map based on group feedback
  • Identifying Emerging Leaders

Develop Actionable Plans - learning without application is delusion.  We work with you and your team to develop long-term, medium and short-term actionable plans that will get the results and outcomes you desire for your organisation.

Hold you Focused and Accountable - people never reach their full potential unless coached and this is because most people if left on their own will never move out of their Comfort Zone.    The coach pushes you out of your comfort zone and keeps your focused on the goals you said you wanted to achieve and holds you accountable - even when you don’t want to.

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