Kimberly Clarke

Certified DISC Practitioner / Business Development Officer

Kimberly Clarke is the firm’s Certified DISC Practitioner and Business Development Officer.

She is a graduate of Western University in Canada with an Honors Specialization Degree in Psychology, and a master’s degree from Walden University in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

She is a strong believer that our actions and behaviors within a business are strongly linked to our psychological characteristics. No stranger to business, as she comes from a family of successful business owners, Kimberly began her journey at ActionCOACH to assist in allowing businesses in Jamaica to operate to their fullest potential.

As the firm’s Certified DISC Practitioner, she is responsible for the facilitation and management of our Online Assessments tools. These tools are aimed at improving business leaders and teams to achieve their full potential through better communication and adapting their behaviours to lead and build more effective and productive teams.

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